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Video Creation

Movey can create a wide range of videos to tell your story.

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Video Placement

Movey can place your content in front of your target market.  

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Digital Signage

We can create eye catching digital signage, video and multimedia content to stand out, make an impact, and reach consumers

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Video Creation

Video can be used in so many ways to attract clients; on your website, social media, email marketing and video brochures. Video marketing can help boost sales, increase awareness and popularity of your brand, and explain your product successfully. There are so many benefits to using an explainer video that we would need an explainer video to list them all!

Video is naturally engaging, and with so many brands competing for audience’s attention, it’s vital that small businesses offer content which is easy to view and digest.

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Video Placement

video on demand services

Video on demand advertising allows you to promote your product and get your advert seen in front of thousands of viewers, in front of some of the nation’s most treasured TV favourites. Not only can we handle all of the video production, but we’ll take care of the placement and distribution of your advert.

We can target your video geographically to reach only those you need to, and the adverts can’t be skipped, ensuring your video has maximum impact.


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Digital Signage

Today’s businesses are demanding more from their Audio Visual Infrastructure. Innovative communication, entertainment and total automation provide businesses with intuitive control systems to help communicate your message.

We have embraced this technology to offer our clients the very latest in digital signage and video marketing, in order to help you reach your customers with maximum impact.

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Video Made Easy

Our simple, tried and tested process makes it easy for you to work with us.

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