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Animated Videos

Brings your message or story to life

Why would you use an animated video?

From our early years of watching childhood cartoons, animation has captured the audience’s attention due to the use of simple lines, bright colours and constant movements. Animation videos for your company are, therefore, one of the most effective tools to use when conveying serious or statistical information. The ability to use bright colours, animated characters, and condensed guided tours through long-winded information, offers a fun alternative to traditional presentation slides and pieces-to-camera. Animation can also be used when filming real life content isn’t possible, such as showing future development plans or scientific information. It allows you to visually capture abstract ideas and bring any concept to life. Video animation is also cost-effective as production is not constrained by live-action video factors, such as finding the right location, actors, props etc.

Ways you can use animated videos:

Animated Explainer

Animated Explainer


Explain complex information in easily digestible visual aids.


Animated tutorials

Speed up the training process and improve memory retention.
Video Production Product Launches

Product Demos


Product and service launches and demonstrations.
Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health and safety

Bring employees up to date with the health and safety information.
Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing page animations

Animation can fly through walls or show the inside of a product.
Internal Communications

Internal Comms

Internal communications

Communicate complex or abstract information in distinct and engaging ways.

What should you think about

One of the most important things to establish is to define what you want your animated video to achieve.  Movey can help you plan and storyboard the content to make sure that it achieves your objectives.

Movey’s END to END Project Approach

Movey pride ourselves on an end to end project approach, we will take the time to really understand your business, target audience, project objectives and create a project plan.  We will then create the best video to maximize your return on investment, place it on the right platform, analyse the results and feedback to you afterwards.

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