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Video Hosting

Secure hosting with advanced analytics

Why is it important to host your video on the right platform?

The success of a video, is not only down to its content and the way it looks, but also where it is placed. Some video hosting sites place your videos on a shared space, meaning that whilst the audience is watching your video, their attention is also being detracted away from your video and towards your competitors. Through the correct video hosting platform, your business can have its own personalised page, as well as having the ability to monitor particular analytics of a video. Analytics can tell you everything you want to know about the way the audience is watching your video, where they stop watching it, what platform they are watching it from, and so on. Therefore giving your business the ability and know-how of how to reach the videos core audience in the most effective way.

Video For Websites



Do you want to control who can see and interact with the video?
Video production Email Marketing



It is important that your video plays quickly without buffering.
Video Production Staff Inductions



Use your videos on websites, email and social media.



See how long your video is viewed and when users stop watching.

What should you think about?

One of the most important things to establish is to define what you want your hosting to achieve and which platform to host it on to maximise reaching your target audience.   Movey can help you identify the right kind of platform to host your video on.

Movey’s END to END Project Approach

Movey pride ourselves on an end to end project approach, we will take the time to really understand your business, target audience, project objectives and create a project plan.  We will then create the best video to maximize your return on investment, place it on the right platform, analyse the results and feedback to you afterwards.

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