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Movey™ specialises in creating compelling video content for learning & development, marketing and communications.

*According to Forrester Research

The use of Video has increased considerably along with the need to understand the Video Hosting and analytics available to get feedback on how the video content is being viewed.

The platforms for video include websites, email, social media as well as TV video on demand services such as the ITV Hub. Live Streaming is extensively being used by companies and event organisers to broadcast events and conferences to a wider audience and allow real-time interaction from an audience that can’t attend the event.

We have seen a big growth in the use of video to support employee Learning & Development. Video is proven to be highly effective at communicating information that may be hard to explain just using words or pictures.

Companies are also using video to showcase and support their products and services. This includes E-commerce Videos for web shops and Product Videos to explain how to use the features of a product and Support Videos to help them fix any problems, leading to increased sales and reduced support costs.

Movey have a consultative approach to help our clients use video; we help to solve problems and come up with ideas to make video content successful for your business.

Some of our great clients

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