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Movey are looking for freelancers throughout the UK

Movey is a successful Video Media Agency we have a growing base of national clients and need to expand our freelance resources around the UK.Movey Franchise Territory

We are particularly looking for;

If you would like to be considered for work from Movey you need to register on our portal as follows;

  1. Complete Form– Click on the service that you would like to be considered for above. **Please ensure you complete all the questions on your profile**
  2. Assessment– We will then assess your registration and will contact you if we need further information.
  3. Approval– If your registration is approved you will need to sign our freelancer contract and NDA. Once completed you will become and approved freelancer for Movey.
  4. Updates – In order to receive work requests you will need to keep your availability up to date on the system.

We cannot guarantee how much work you will get from Movey but you have nothing to lose, there are no fees and it is completely free to register.

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