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Construction Videos

A leading cause for concern within construction companies is making sure everyone who enters a construction site is aware of the Health and safety risks and procedures. It is proven that audiences respond better and take in more information through watching a video, rather than through audio alone. Using video to brief people is, therefore, an effective way to relay health and safety advice, as the viewer will be able to see the potential risks for themselves, and shown worst case scenarios if procedures are not followed correctly. By being able to see the correct way to behave and operate, the likelihood of accidents is minimised.

Video can also be used for a visual of what is being constructed in many ways. Construction companies can have videos showing the site before it is made, through formats such as animations and virtual tours. This enables the clients and workers to have a clearer idea of what the end goal of construction is going to be. These animations can be distributed in many places to ensure higher levels of engagement. For example, if there is a new public building such as within a school/hospital/shopping centre, the animation of the future building can be placed on the client’s website as well as on an open display in the space it’s going to appear in.
Once construction has finished, video can also be used to promote the new site via a 360-degree tour, with people walking around it, demonstrating its uses and success.

Video is being used in the construction industry to communicate in many different ways.

  • Health and Safety
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Staff Training
  • Social Media Communication
  • Property Tours
  • Customer Support
  • Public Information
  • Event Promotion