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Video Strategy

Video Strategy

Video is a very powerful communication tool to inform, inspire and influence.

But it’s important to get it right…

Video should be targeted and relevant to your audience and communicate in an interesting and engaging way. This can only be achieved through research, planning and the creation of a
Video Strategy.

Video Production

Things to consider

Start with the end in mind

  • Purpose – What do you want to communicate and why?
  • Audience – Who will be watching the video and what communication will be appropriate?
  • Concept – What concept can be used to communicate the message effectively?
  • Style – What style will fit with your brand and be engaging to your target audience.
  • Content – What content can be used to communicate the information quickly and concisely?
  • Placement – Where is the video to be placed to be accessible to your target audience?
  • Promotion – How are you going to share and promote the video to ensure your audience watches it?
  • Analytics – How are you going to measure the success of the video and learn from how it is being watched?

Movey can help

Movey works with clients from an early stage to help with research and advice.

We can help with every aspect of your video strategy to ensure that you communicate effectively and achieve your outcomes. Please get in touch if you are thinking about using video in your business.

Movey Filming in Hull

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